If you were unable to attend the BIS Update conference this year or just want to view some of the sessions you weren’t able to get to, BIS has now posted the presentations online for all to access.

Visit the Update 2010 Conference on Export Controls and Policy Web Portal or click here to go straight to videos and slides, along with the transcripts for each session.

UPDATE August 10, 2011 – It appears that BIS has taken down the links to the Update 2010 videos. However, they have now posted all of the videos from the presentations at this year’s Update 2011 conference. Click here to view them all.

2 thoughts on “BIS Update 2010 – Presentations Now Available

  1. Bronwen,
    Yes, it seems that BIS took down the old 2010 videos. We’ve updated the post with the video links to the 2011 presentation videos, however. Hope that helps!

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