The Federal Register from September 7 included the changes from the 2009 Wassenaar Arrangement Plenary. These changes affect CCL categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 part 1, 6, 7, 9 and will soon be reflected in the online version of the EAR (though they aren’t there quite yet).

The following ECCNs are amended by this rule: 1A001, 1A002, 1B001, 1C002, 1C006, 1C007, 1C008, 1C010, 1C011, 1E002, 2B006, 3A001, 3A002, 3B001, 4A001, 4A003, 4D001, 4D993, 4E001, 5A001, 5B001, 5D001, 5E001, 6A001, 6A005, 6A006, 6A008, 6C004, 6D003, 6E993, 7A005, 7B001, 7D003, 7E004, 9A001, 9A003, 9B002, 9D003, and 9E003. ECCN 4D003 is removed by this rule.

The full text of the changes can be found here. Avant encourages exporters to review the notice to ensure they’re fully aware of any changes affecting ECCNs in use by their organization.

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