A new and improved version of The Searchable CCL® is now available. This new version is up to date as of June 19, 2015 and includes revisions based on the December 2014 Wassenaar Arrangement Plenary Meeting as well as the Australia Group (AG) November 2013 Intersessional Decisions. Enjoy!

Wassenaar changes to the CCL and Part 772 include:

  • Revising 42 Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs), adding one ECCN and removing one ECCN
  • Adding 7 definitions and revising 6 definitions
  • Revising 3 ECCNs to add License Exception CIV eligibility for Anisotropic plasma dry etching equipment and related software and technology

Australia Group changes to the CCL include:

  • Removing ECCN 1C352 and merging the animal pathogens previously controlled here with the human pathogens and toxins controlled under ECCN 1C351
  • Revising the controls in ECCN 2B350.g on valves, casings (valve bodies) designed for such valves, and preformed casing liners designed for such valves.
  • Additional AG-related changes consistent with the scope of the AG common control lists.

The Searchable CCL is a searchable version of the Commerce Control List (CCL). Many have found it difficult to easily read and search the CCL on the e-CFR website, so we created a document which provides easy searching of the entire CCL and has improved readability.

Features include:

  • Notes, technical notes, and nota bene are properly italicized
  • Improved indentation to better grasp the structure of complex ECCNs such as 3A001
  • Document markers for accessibility
  • Inclusion of the alphabetical index to the CCL and EAR Part 772 “Definitions of Terms” since these are both useful references when working within the CCL

We hope you find it as useful as we do!

To get your copy, simply click the icon below and download The Searchable CCL. This is a direct download – there is no cost, registration, or any other information required. Don’t forget to save the PDF to your computer for easy access while offline.

The Searchable CCL

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