Based on numerous requests, we’ve created a new and updated version of The Searchable CCL to kick off the summer! This new version of the document is up to date as of June 2, 2011 and includes all of the revisions from the December 2010 Wassenaar Plenary meeting (see 76 FR 29610 for details).


The Searchable CCL is a searchable version of the Commerce Control List (CCL). We found it difficult to easily read and search the CCL on the e-CFR website, so we created a document which allows easy searching of the entire CCL and has improved readability (i.e. each note, technical note, and nota bene should now be in italics). In addition, this document includes the alphabetical index to the CCL and EAR Part 772 “Definitions of Terms” since these are useful references when working within the CCL. We hope you find it as useful as we do!

Simply click the icon below to download your copy of The Searchable CCL. This is a direct download – there is no cost, registration, or any other information required. We recommend that you save the PDF to your machine for easy access while offline!

The Searchable CCL icon

(you can also right-click and choose “Save Link As…”)

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