The Departments of State and Commerce just published their respective proposed rules for revisions to USML Categories XIV (Toxicological Agents) and Category XVIII (Directed Energy Weapons). The affected Category XIV articles consist primarily of dissemination, detection and protection “equipment” and related articles and would be controlled under new Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) 1A607, 1B607, 1C607, 1D607, and 1E607. The affected Category XVIII articles consist primarily of tooling, production “equipment,” test and evaluation “equipment,” test models and related articles and would be controlled under new ECCNs 6B619, 6D619 and 6E619. I don’t come across many Category XVIII articles but perhaps this is a substantive change for some of you out there.

An easy to read FR for the State rule is here. The Commerce rule can be found here. A convenient feature of reading the FR on those pages is that formal comments can be submitted without leaving the page. Just look for the large green button. The public comment period for each of these proposed rules closes on Monday, August 17, 2015.

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