We’re happy to share our compliance tools and resources. Included here are compliance-related URLs, convenient compliance tools such as The Searchable CCL, and other valuable resources.

The Searchable CCL®

Avant created the original Searchable Commerce Control List (CCL) and has updated it to keep pace with the changes arising from Export Control Reform.


  • Easy searching of the entire Commerce Control List without having to open a separate file for each category
  • A more legible format than the e-CFR
  • Includes the alphabetical index to the CCL
  • Includes EAR Part 772 “Definitions of Terms”

This new version is up to date as of July 10, 2019 and includes all recent changes to the CCL such as:

  • Revisions, clarifications, and technical corrections to the CCL to correct typographical errors, clarify inaccurate or unclear internal references, and correct inconsistencies in certain entries
  • Implementation of Certain New Controls on Emerging Technologies Agreed at Wassenaar Arrangement 2018 Plenary, including:
    • Revises (4) ECCNs: 3A001, 5A002, 6A001 and 9A004
    • Adds ECCN 3D005


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